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Real Estate: Agents and Representatives

The real estate industry requires their personnel to work with unfamiliar people and places. Agents are exposed on a daily basis to a diverse range of locations and potential clients. Rape, assault, abduction and homicide have occurred during open inspections and everyday business activities. Such information leads us to conclude that adequate and effective self-protection skills are a basic requirement in the Real estate industry. In most cases, on-site protection is neglected creating a major vocational risk - isolated interaction with strangers of unknown intent.


Instinctive Defence Program

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The Instinctive Defence System was developed my martial artists for those who desire to improve their personal safety without years of martial arts training. We believe it is every ones right to defend themselves against violent attack and that it shouldn't involve specialised skills or super human strength.


Women's Defence

women's self-defence

The contemporary, active and outgoing women of today face a myriad of risks in their urban, fast-paced environment. Women are often identified as 'soft' targets for random attacks and are considered to face a higher risk for sexual assault.



Why conduct a self defence workshop at your business?


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Self defence should be second nature to us. Our approach differs from conventional systems as it requires no complicated skills. We will connect you to your innate self defence abilities.



You want to make sure you are equipped with effective knowledge and the confidence to protect your most valuable possession - your life. Let us show you how.


Easy to Learn

No complicated martial arts techniques that take years to master. One seminar is all you need to recover your self defence skills.


Tools for Life

We believe effective self defence is at least as necessary as first-aid training. Your life is worth protecting - learn a skill for life.

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PDS is dedicated to enhancing personal safety and individual self protection through an easy to learn, instinctive, principal based approach that is relevant for people of all types.

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