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Take measures to ensure that your most valuable assets – your employees - are healthy, happy and safe both on and off the job. 

The issues involved with victimised employees are costly. Not only will your employee suffer from a poor morale, decreased productivity, fear and a general decrease in job satisfaction, the company is furthermore penalised with compensation and employee absences. Whether violence occurs within the workplace or outside of it, staff members will be affected. 

Astute companies know that taking steps to keep their employees safe and healthy, by implementing wellness programs, and on-the-job safety training, is not only the right thing to do but is in the best interest of the company. Happy, comfortable and productive workers help ensure a company's fiscal health, longevity, and success. Companies who take a proactive approach to managing violence in the workplace are addressing the problem directly and avoiding negligence related legal action in the future.

Besides the safety benefits gained from our Executive Defence workshops,  you are also likely to realize a real and direct financial benefit from bringing in a self defense consultant to conduct a training workshop.

With our Executive Defence workshop,

• Provide staff with a life-long and life-saving skills - Full training and practice in our acclaimed Instinctive Defence System.
• Mitigate the incidences of workplace violence and bullying.
• Empower and increase confidence levels in your workplace. 

Improve employee discipline and morale, reduce stress and improve critical and creative thinking.

• Enhance teamwork and workplace unity. Clearly demonstrate your company's care for your employees through our enriching program.
• Overcome complacency and apathy.
• Introduce an insightful and unique workplace activity for your staff and employees

 A practical investment for your company

 An innovative idea for staff training and business functions.

 A great way to mix up monthly meetings, professional development sessions and employee gatherings.

Interested in incorporating our workshop into your corporate wellness program?

Call us and have a friendly, no-obligation discussion about your specific needs and how we can be of assistance. 

For a customised program (industry/job specific) or a tight scheduling issue,  we can discuss on how we can tailor-make a specific self-defence program for you.

contact us today to set up up your Executive Defence Workshop. We look forward to sharing our program with you!



Self defence should be second nature to us. Our approach differs from conventional systems as it requires no complicated skills. We will connect you to your innate self defence abilities.



You want to make sure you are equipped with effective knowledge and the confidence to protect your most valuable possession - your life. Let us show you how.


Easy to Learn

No complicated martial arts techniques that take years to master. One seminar is all you need to recover your self defence skills.


Tools for Life

We believe effective self defence is at least as necessary as first-aid training. Your life is worth protecting - learn a skill for life.

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PDS is dedicated to enhancing personal safety and individual self protection through an easy to learn, instinctive, principal based approach that is relevant for people of all types.

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