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Alarming new figures... 1062 assaults on teachers in the state's public system last year - an average of more than five every school day.*

Over the past decade there has been an increase in school violence, not only student on student, but also on teachers by students, parents and intruders. Due to the increasing demands placed on teachers, PDS has now developed a course specifically designed for teachers to provide them with the skills to deal with threatening situations. The workshop is based on our unique Instinctive Defence System which is easy to learn, effective and involves where possible, a non-physical resolution for hostile confrontations.

Teachers are confronted with many potentially violent situations that were unheard of years ago. A survey of new teachers by the Australian Education Union found that nearly half, did not see themselves still teaching within 10 years, with "behavior management" one of the top concerns*. Incident reports show teachers are regularly threatened with firearms or other weapons - from broken bottles to knives - by students, parents or intruders*.                                  

Educations Department figures ... show 144 were classed as "critical" incidents.* 

Violence can happen in an instant. Everyday tools around the classroom and office can be used as deadly weapons against you. Learning how to recognise risk, minimize is and deescalate it is vital.

PDS conducts on-site training for teachers and staff. Our course can be tailored exactly to your needs and concerns. 

A general overview: 

  • Full training in our Instinctive Defence System - manage risks and de-escalate hostile confrontations.
  • Awareness and prevention training.
  • Hands-on practice - experience and rediscover your innate skills.
  • improvised tool use - discover how you can use your environment to effectively defend yourself. 

We encourage schools to add our unique course to their professional development training of staff. It is a life-saving skill which we believe is as indispensable as first-aid training, and yet far more frequently overlooked.

Contact us today to discuss conducting a training session at your school. 

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Self defence should be second nature to us. Our approach differs from conventional systems as it requires no complicated skills. We will connect you to your innate self defence abilities.



You want to make sure you are equipped with effective knowledge and the confidence to protect your most valuable possession - your life. Let us show you how.


Easy to Learn

No complicated martial arts techniques that take years to master. One seminar is all you need to recover your self defence skills.


Tools for Life

We believe effective self defence is at least as necessary as first-aid training. Your life is worth protecting - learn a skill for life.

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